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Added a new pictures of Christine Baranski from her upcoming movie “Into The Woods”

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In some strange twist of fate The Good Wife did not get nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Drama Series category or in the Drama Writing category. Its stars—Julianna Margulies, Josh Charles and Christine Baranski— picked up nominations, and despite having a season heralded by critics and fans alike, The Good Wife was snubbed.

“If you really look back on season five and just watch the whole season unfold, there’s such artistry to it. The court cases are interesting; the personal relationships are so interesting and adult. The office politics—people can really relate to it because it’s very much a grown-up world,” Baranski told E! News. “I’m always saying this: This is a show that doesn’t rely on sensationalism or violence, rape, sex, beheadings and people being in strange, weird, aberrational—particularly women. I love that the women in this show—we’re not victims, we’re not arch-bitches, we’re adult characters living in a tough moral…in a new world where there’s just moral ambiguity and it gets harder and harder to see what’s the right and the wrong thing. I always like to call this show shades of gray. There’s a real skill involved in writing a show that has that complexity and sophistication.”

So where’s the nomination? Ask just about anybody who’s seen more than one episode of The Good Wife and they’ll agree with Baranski’s sentiments. With her 12th nomination overall and fifth for playing Diane Lockhart, Baranski is an awards veteran. While The Good Wife’s snub stings, Baranski is finding some solace in the reaction its caused in the media and fans.

At this point, does getting nominated lose its thrill?
No, I’m no longer a virgin, though…I remember the first time I got a nomination and actually that was the nomination I actually won for Cybill. It is a very cool first feeling, very cool. But you know what? It’s like the wonder of it. This is my 12th nomination—it’s an amazing thing to get the nomination and know you’re with your peers. It’s a pretty wonderful feeling, I’m not jaded about it, believe me.

Watching your work this season it just felt like a done deal because your work as Diane was amazing.
Well, you know, I’ve got to say—look what they gave me to do. I mean, the breakup of the firm, losing the judgeship, getting married and then the loss of my partner and literally leaving the firm in the final episode. As dramatic arcs go, [Laughs.] I really had a good one. I thank the Kings for that. I think they wrote a phenomenal season this year. I’m sorry they’re not being recognized because I think the reason you have three actors with these nominations—Josh and Jules and I—is we were just given such great material and it was a brilliantly conceived season, brilliantly executed.


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Hi, my name is Chanel. I was a co web here. I also run The Good Wife Fan, Josh Charles Online & Julianna Margulies Fan lol. I have now full ownership of Christine Baranski Mania. I adore Christine, ask anyone I’m a bit of a good wife freak so I’m excited and I want to thank Claudia for her amazing work on the site and for trusting me with it. I know it wasn’t easy for her. I will get started on stuff soon!

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I found a shoot of Christine from 2008 with the cast of Mamma Mia! to promote the movie. Enjoy them in our gallery!

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